Well that was awkward

So we insemed this past week.

I have been tracking my cycle on my fit bit app and it has been pretty accurate. I also POAS. Working with advise we have received here and with other research we have done we decided go time was when the faintest of faint second lines showed up. Giving the little swimmers a bit of a head start to get the egg when she actually makes an appearance.

He came over after rush hour. We tried to have normal conversation, but we were all so anxious knowing what we were actually there for, it was no use to attempt to make this “normal” hanging out.

I explained the process, went into my nurse educator roll and shoved those awkward feelings aside.. We used pre-seed lube, both for him and for me. We also used a soft cup both as a receptacle and as an insemination device. With what I have read, this combo is the ticket. Less transfer of the spoof and therefore more safety for the lil guys.

While BFF was upstairs, I was laid out in our bedroom attempting to get in the mood. Megan got the spoof from BFF and said her giggled goodbyes. Then transferred the spoof over to me.

I don’t have a lot of experience with the stuff… there was a lot more and it was a lot less viscous than I thought… but Megan said, from what she has experienced, it seemed pretty normal to her.

I opted to hover over the edge of the bed in a sort of squatting position to get the soft cup in. From videos I have seen on the soft cup itself, this is the surest way to get it over my cervix and in the proper position. As I was inserting it, when the last little bit went in, some of the spoof splashed over and onto my hand… GROSS! Next time, if there is a next time, we must have a towel ready for that. After my initial grossed-out-ness passed, I worried that it ALL splashed over. Still, once the cup was in place, I managed a quick O and then hoisted my hips into the air for about 15 min, then re-adjusted (nothing spilled out during the move BTW)to upstairs and was hips in the air for about another 20 min, before I couldn’t stand it anymore. I kept the cup in for 12 hrs. When I took it out there was nothing in it. Part of me is worried it did all splash out, and another part of me is hopeful that at least some of it manage to find its way to the right place.

I continue to POAS as I was worried we did it too soon. My line keeps getting darker, so that is promising. We were only able to do it that one time, I had hoped for at least one more, but with our schedules and the awkwardness, Megan and I were happy with just one for this cycle.

And now we wait.



6 thoughts on “Well that was awkward”

  1. I always hated the smell of the ewy product, it made me want to throw up so much just getting a whiff of it. We had awkward small chat before our KD inseminations and I was always glad to just get to the part where it’s in my vagina making it’s magic. For what it’s worth, I got preg my first KD try with that particular donor (but miscarriage = BOOOOOO) and we never much recovered. So there is a LOT of first time luck out there and I’m hoping you get all of it!
    Sticky baby vibes!

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