Day 1

Period started late last night. If I was a normal person who worked regular shifts I wouldn’t have noticed it until this morning. Today will be the first official full day, day 1.

On my period tracking app it’s adjusts my previous cycle to line up with adjustments as they occur. When I entered today as day 1 it adjusted my ovulation from last cycle forward into Nov a couple of days. Which probably means we inseminated too early last cycle.

Honestly the OPKs and me listening to my body were right. So more of that next cycle, less relying on an app.

We’re hoping to tell BFF a range of a week when we’ll call on him. Pee on plenty of sticks and listen to my body and inseminate when it feels right and looks right vs planning it all out.

Ultimately, I think we needed a good practice run to get the jitters out anyway.

Usually I reward myself, or offer myself condolences with, a libation or two when my period shows up. This time, I’m not going to. At least not overboard. I’ll have a glass of wine at thanksgiving dinner, but not much after that. My thought process with this is mostly. “I can’t control the amount of subtancing BFF does so I’ve got to control my own.” Also “I need to treat my body as if I am already pregnant. In all the ways I envisioned treating myself when I get that positive, I need to do that now.”

And besides these notions will help me move into the next phase of my life. I’ve been feeling it coming, but not stepping over into it. It’s time to step over now. For myself and my future maybe baby.


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