The wait is over

I peed on a stick this morning and it was negative. No signs of AF yet, but she’s due tomorrow.

We told BFF of the results and he said he wanted to “discuss some things.” Upon pressing from my wife he asked how many times we wanted to try and if we have “considered adoption b/c we could really change a kids life.”

It felt like a slap in the face. I know I am emotional (this is an emotional roller coaster) but seriously we’ve tried twice with him. As I have mentioned before he’s done nothing to change his lifestyle (drinking all the beer, smoking all the cigarettes, eating all the fried food) and, with his apparent frustration that this hasn’t worked yet, I assume he feels his seed is magic and should just work on the first or second try. Newsflash! Most people try at this for about a year!

I signed up for the known donor website in an emotional rage. Im navigating it slowly. Sad news is, there seems to be no donors near us here in MN.

In any case, we were going to skip the next cycle. I am meant to Ovulate on the 25th and, well with the holidays, that just wont work.

I’m feeling very defeated…


5 thoughts on “The wait is over”

  1. Crap. I’m so sorry. He sounds a like like our first donor. Cocky and completely unaware of how reproduction works in practice. Also anyone who uses the ‘just adopt’ trope can sit and spin.

    I hope things become clearer as to a way to move forward. I’d share our donor if he were mine to share. I hope you find someone just like him.

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  2. I’m so sorry. I totally get how defeating that can all feel. I’m glad you’re exploring your donor options. The last thing you need is for your donor to cause more stress than ttc does all on its own.

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  3. Anyone who says “just adopt” has NO knowledge of how long that can take (4 yrs is not abnormal or long), that it doesn’t always happen, and how much that can cost. Adoption is NOT like buying milk at the megagrocery store … nor should it be. SO, ignore his ignorance and do your own life, as you are doing! Keep considering your options, keep talking with your doctors, keep moving forward and celebrating the joys in your world. Fingers crossed on your behalf!

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