I’m a horrible blogger.

I know I said I would try for a weekly post… and I know that didn’t happen. Likewise, I know I promised pictures as well… and that too didn’t happen. I will do my best to rectify this.  Though, as I am not particularly technologically inclined,  pictures may take a while. 

Until then; a brief catchup? Ok

The suspended licence resolved itself with me biting the bullet and paying the amount to get it reinstated. Due to my significant lack of time for anything beyond school, I also was unable to contest the citation for driving with a suspended licence so I paid that fine as well.  Lesson learned.  Though if I allow myself to dwell I’m still really flabbergasted as to why nobody can tell me why it was suspended in the first place. 

There was a couple of scares with school.  One financial, one academic. The financial one was that my initial award left me with a remaining balance of $2100. I tried to get a private loan but my credit score was a measly 5 points
from where they wanted it to be.  I was in the process of finding a co-signer when I got a miraculous email stating that may initial award was miscalculated and I had more money I could apply.  Crisis averted!

The academic scare was pharmacology. Shit that class was hard. I failed my 3rd exam. Any thing under 78% is failing in my program and I got a 60%. After a breakdown…and a whole lot of self doubt… I sought tutoring. Though really the credit for my awesome comeback goes to my beautiful and amazing girlfriend.

That brings me to celebratory things 🙂 Megan and I are still going strong.  We celebrated our one year in November.  More and more it becomes apparent that we are meant for one another. Having her in my life, there is this uncanny calm about. It’s as if I know that everything will be ok as long as she is there. I can concur anything. It’s a grand feeling. 

So that’s the gist of it.  There are more details and I will get to those. I just wanted to break the silence.

Now if I could figure out how to post this from my phone…. (I wrote this while waiting for Megan’s dentist appointment to be over )


Carpooling… some voluntary, some forced

Megan and I have gotten to the point where we are able to carpool to many of our classes. Since we are both students, and have minimal scheduled hours for work and an increasing amount of expenses, it is nice to alleviate at least some of the stress and worry associated with finances by combining our commute.

We thought we were pretty smart when on Monday morning when we left home at 7:15 am and car pooled to class. The plan was for me to study after class on campus while she completed her eight hours of work at the hospital across the street. Which worked out swimmingly. She worked and I got a lot accomplished for my first Pharmacology exam.

We left the cities after her shift at around 11:15 pm (or 2315… in nursing time) to head home and collapse into a much needed slumber. We arrived in our neighborhood at around 2345 and we soon noticed that we were being followed by a police officer. Megan immediately became concerned. She knows how officers are in our neighborhood, they seem as though they try to spook you for no reason by driving up close to you and follow you, which is exactly what happened.

I wasn’t worried, I was driving the speed limit, my tabs were up to date, I hadn’t been drinking, and for all other purposes… he had no reason to pull me over.  But, he did. A block and a half away from home.

I handed him my insurance, and told him that my ID was in my back pack behind me. After retrieving it I handed it over and he returned to his vehicle. After about 10 minutes of anxiety he returned asking “Do you know of any reason that your licence would be suspended?” I was shocked… there was NO reason my drivers licence would be suspended, I had not received any notice of this and have always paid any ticket that have gotten.

He stated that there was no reason listed for the suspension of my licence, but that I could find out by contacting the DMV.  He also stated that even though he was unsure of why my license was suspended in the first place, he needed to issue me a citation… $171.25 worth of citation. I also couldn’t drive the block and a half it took for me to get home. So he had to run Megan’s ID and after clearing her, she was allowed to drive us home… did I mention it was a block and a half away?

Cue shame and doubt. I’ll be honest, I came home and had a self loathing melt down. Megan was wonderful (per usual) I managed to get about 3 hours of restless sleep, and woke up in another self loathing melt down, but needed to pull it together as best I could, as I had a new employee orientation to go to!

The day was tough, but I got paid for it so that helped. And the idea of a brand new job closer to my field is still very exhilarating. More on that soon.

After orientation, Megan swooped me up (forced carpooling) and took me to the DMV where I expected to get some answers about my suspended licence. They lady was able to see every paid parking or speeding ticket on my record. Note all were PAID. And could give me no further indication as to why my licence was suspended. She informed me that I could get it reinstated for a fee of $20 if I went to one of the exam centers, but surprise-surprise they were all closed at this time.

Still looking for answers the next day, I contact the county in which my citation was received. They too could not provide me with any answers as to why my licence was suspended, but directed me to the county that I previously lived in. I contacted them looking for answers, but… you guessed it… they didn’t have any answers either.

So, nobody can tell me why my licence was suspended… but I can easily fork over $20 at an education center to get it reinstated. Makes no sense to me… I am unsure why I would pay to get a licence reinstated, when nobody can tell me why it was cancelled in the first place, but realistically… I need to have the freedom to drive. But you’re insane if you think I am paying that citation. I will need to schedule a court date to contest it, in all the free time I DON’T have, but that is just ridiculous.

I know there is a lesson here somewhere…but right now I am at a loss for what that is. Maybe I am just too confused in the moment or angry at “the man” to recognize it. Maybe it is simply a lesson in humility and patience, who knows. Either way, I hope to have a valid drivers licence in the very near future.

Introduction Post

New beginnings always warrant an introduction so, hello, I’m Amanda. I am a newly 30 chic constantly striving to improve and grow, which is where I got the name for the blog. I do always want more. I am positive to a fault (though that sometimes takes practice) and have been sometimes accused of being a “Pollyanna”, and I learned to accept the rose hue of my glasses.

Other Tid Bits:

I am a sister & an aunt.

I love to paint & otherwise be creative

I have 3 cats and a “step” dog

I love the outdoors & nature type things

Some things that you can expect in the space:

Cute animals

New recipes

Pictures (although not in this one, sorry)

Nursing school challenges & successes (hopefully more of the ladder)

General life updates and milestones

And really that is sufficient. I will let the rest of the posts do the rest of the talking. I am new to this site so bare with me as I continue to work out the kinks. I am excited to record and share in this space for what I hope to be a long time and wonderful journey.

More love, more life, more everything!